• Certification Standard

  • In respect of FIR certification, any product which is found to be in compliance with the necessary requirements in terms FIR emission characteristics will be certified as an approved FIR product by HKFIRA.

    The product will need to undergo related FIR testing. Such testing can be done through HKFIRA recognized test lab or the lab facility managed by HKFIRA.

    A Certificate will be issued for FIR product that successfully meets the FIR emission requirement of not less than 77%.  (Note: 2)

    The period of validity of the Certificate will be for one year from the date the Certificate is issued. The Certificate can be renewed if no material change were made to the composition of the product.

    In addition, permission will be granted to the applicant for certification to use labels bearing the special certification logo designed by HKFIRA.

    Note 1:  Applicants for FIR Certification were advised that it is their responsibility to satisfy ALL relevant safety requirements for their products in their respective applications and locations.

    Note 2:  The current FIR emissivity requirement is set at 77% for all relevant materials.  However, the requirement may change as further analysis and data were collected, which may also depend on the specific application for the material.